Cocoa ButterPhoto by Jenni Miska on Unsplash

Cocoa Butter is obtained from the fruit of the Cacao tree which grows in tropical regions. The butter is extracted from the seed kernels and is further refined to yield a tan/yellow colored butter with pleasant cocoa (chocolate-like) odor. A hard butter with steep melting curve ideal for body care products, particularly for soap and when thickness/hardness together with emollience is required. Cocoa Butter has wonderful skin softening and moisturizing properties, and can be used to make balms and creams thicker and harder, with or without beeswax. Aromatic and delightful, Cocoa Butter is naturally high in Vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, used to thicken and add a rich, creamy consistency to lipsticks, emollient creams, lotions, body butters and soaps.