Craftsmanship in Every Piece.

Two women with a passion and a craft. At Claudia’s Handcrafted Soap every product is thought out and homemade, right down to our packaging. We produce soaps and cosmetic products with 95% natural ingredients and a sprinkle of love.


Our Products

We are passionate about making products that are as natural and sustainable as possible. Our products range from bar soaps and body butters to shaving soaps, lip balms, and even laundry soap – using mostly organic essential oils and butters every step of the way. Our products labeled as completely “natural” are those in which we only use oils, butters, and essential oils for scents, with no artificial fragrance or colorants. Some of our products do contain fragrance oils, which are synthetic, and are colored using cosmetic grade micas that are safe for eyes and lips (colorants similar to what is found in make-up).



Everyone that knows Claudia knows that when she learns a new craft she masters it. Soap making is no different. Every soap Claudia creates is thought out down to its chemistry. From the fragrances to the aesthetic, her craftsmanship is evident in every piece. And frankly…we wouldn’t have it any other way.


A Better Experience

Soap is our passion, and the experience we bring to each customer who buys our products is our reward. We believe in transparency, and every product comes with a comprehensive list of its ingredients (most of which are organic – woo hoo!). Not sure where all those ingredients come from? Not a problem. We have defined them here to make it easer for you to know what products you are using. As big fans of Mother Earth, you’ll also notice that we design all our packaging with sustainability in mind – minimizing our footprint. We strive to provide the best experience possible – adding an artistic touch and finesse that elevates each piece, giving you a unique soap experience that looks, smells and feels divine.